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Simulation Grid

Strategic objectives

Simulation Grid is a new infrastructure for networked M&S. With the background of application field, It synthetically applies complex system modeling technology, advanced distributed simulation technology, VR (virtual reality) technology, grid technology, management technology, system engineering technology and application field related specialized technology, to realize safe and dynamic sharing and reuse of various resource in grid/federation environment, collaboration, dynamic scheduling optimization, etc., to support various activities in full life cycle (from argumentation, research, design, development, test, execution, evaluation to maintenance and disposal) for existing or tentative complex system/project in engineering or non-engineering field.
The strategic objectives of Simulation Grid are:
  1. To present an open and pervasive OSGSA (Open Simulation Grid Services Architecture) which conforms to the WSRF and meets the requirements of the simulation applications, to guide the development, implementation and application of the simulation grid.
  2. To integrate and construct a secure, open and universal simulation grid platform to enable application of the Grid technology in the development and implementation of simulation application systems.
  3. To construct a problem-solving environments for virtual manufacture grid based on the Simulation Grid platform and deploy a large-scale virtual manufacture grid application aiming at solving the limitations of the traditional simulation technology, improving distinctly the application efficiency and reduce application cost.
  4. To investigate several key technologies in Simulation Grid and promote the development of the grid application technology in the simulation field.
  5. To drive the commercialization of the Simulation Grid platform and promote its applications.
  6. To train a professional team for research, development, implementation, dissemination, management and maintenance of the simulation grid applications.
Simulation Grid application areas: Development of industrial and large-scale complex multidisciplinary products and services pose complex problems in automotive and aerospace industry. The collaborative design and manufacture processes used to develop these complex multidisciplinary products and services typically involve a large number of independent organizational entities at different geographical locations grouped in partnerships. Simulation grid is a common innovative technology, which will bring huge reformation and innovation in modeling & simulation applications, management, and infrastructure technology. It also has a great social impact and economic benefits.
Several key Grid technologies and elements have been identified as important to achieving Simulation Grid’s objectives:
  1. problem-solving environment,
  2. porting application to Grid environment,
  3. service encapsulation of simulation resources,
  4. security mechanism and user management for simulation grid,
  5. simulation oriented grid platform,
  6. simulation grid application.

Funding agencies

Potential Funding: supported by NSF of China, China 863 program and industry.

Institutes, Universities, Industries active in that sector

  • Beihuang University
  • Beijing Simulation Center, enterprises for automobile, aerospace, etc.

Contact points by thematic area.

  • Dr. Xudong Chai - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Address:
Beijing Simulation Center,
Beijing 100854, China,
  • Prof. Bo Hu Li - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Address:
Beihuang University, 

  • Dr. Lin Zhang -  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Address:
Beihuang University
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