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Strategic objectives

Undertaken by Tongji University and Shanghai Traffic Information Center, the aim of project Traffic Information Grid is to develop an advanced traffic information system based on Grid technology. By acquisition of real time traffic data coming from thousands of GPS devices on taxis and bus, together with data from induction coils, camera, etc., Traffic Information Grid realizes traffic data processing, traffic information integration and traffic service presenting on the support of advanced transportation theory and high performance Grid platform. Main work of this project includes:
  • Research on key technologies in Grid computing;
  • Integration, amalgamation, and rule mining of oceans of multi-source traffic data;
  • Dynamic route network modeling and parallel simulation;
  • Route situation forecasting;
  • Dynamic optimal travel scheme models and algorithm
  • High value-added on-demand services are available by Internet Web site, PCs, touch screens, PDAs and mobile phones.
  • Real-Time Route Situation Service: Calculating the real-time route situation of the whole route network on the basic of real time and historical traffic data;
  • Route Situation Forecasting: According to massive historical traffic data, a set of route situation forecasting model are established, which are used to forecast the route situation of main route segment in the future;
  • Optimal Dynamic Travel Scheme: Given a start point and a destination point, an optimal travel scheme is provided, considering real time traffic data and route situation forecasted;
  • Dynamic Room of Parking Lot: Providing dynamic information of available parking space around appointed location.

Funding agencies

The prototype system is under developed. Related work has already been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, National 863 Program, Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, etc.

Institutes, Universities, Industries active in that sector

  • Tongji University, Changjun Jiang
  • Beihang University, Hui Zhang
  • Shanghai Jiaotong University, Minglu Li

Contact points by thematic area.

  • Name :Tongji University Chang-jun Jiang
  • Tel.: 13003212504
  • Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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