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Aviation Manufacturing Grid

Strategic objectives

  1. The target of the advanced manufactory Grid Platform for aviation industry
      • hardware sharing in AVIC II;
      • software sharing in AVIC II;
      • data sharing in AVIC II.
  2. The Grid Platform effort is in the following direction:
      • Hardware resource sharing for high performance computing and service prototype
      • Software resource sharing by means of floating license;
      • Data Grid Prototype for Information resource sharing;
      • Developing application systems based on the Grid Platform.
  3. The Pilot applications on Grid Platform
      • Genetic algorism for topological optimization
      • Parts interference checking calculation
      • Data Grid used for collaborative design for a helicopter development
The Grid technique applications in AVIC II is just at the beginning. We wish to cooperate with the EU partners in the Grid technology development and applications. The cooperation supports not only the Chinese aviation industry but also China-EU joint development of the new aircraft.
We suggest to:
  1. create a join team for Grid standardization
  2. Jointly develop a Grid Platform for helicopter and aircraft jointed projects between EU and China
  3. create jointed pilot applications.

Funding agencies

Supported by the National 863 Program, AVIC II and partners have created a advanced manufacturing Grid Platform prototype to support the extensive collaborative design, manufacture and simulation of aircraft.

Institutes, Universities, Industries active in that sector

The consortium of the AVIGrid is composed of:
  • BEIHANG University, Professor Zhang Li
  • Tsninghau University, Professor Yang Guangwen
  • Jiangnan Commuting Technology Institute, Professor Xie Xianghui

Contact points by thematic area.

  • Avic II China, Degang Cui: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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